We are a team of 3 close colleagues dedicated to supporting nonprofit and social profit enterprises that create positive impact in the world. From grant writing to project evaluation, we bring to the table years of experience and a strong combination of skill sets and expertise. We seek to be affordable for organizations of all sizes and budgets and offer sliding scale fees. Initial consultations are free, and give us a chance to learn about your work, the support you need, and the issues you would like to SolVE. Let us help you with what we're good at, so you can focus on what you're good at: running your programs, growing new ones, and making a difference. 

And ... vital ecosystems? Ecosystems are complex, interconnected communities, influencing and influenced by their environment. Vital ecosystems are important, essential, lively, and full of energy. Your organization is an ecosystem! Let us help it be a vital one!

What can SolVE do for my organization? Nonprofit and social profit enterprise is hard work. Many organizations tackle huge problems with few resources and small teams. Whether it's a busy time of year, being temporarily shorthanded on staff, ramping up for a new project, or solving foundational problems, we can help you make progress, reduce the stress of being overburdened, and free you up to spend your time where it's most effective.

If I am really busy—isn’t it better for me to just work harder? Many nonprofits and social enterprises are amazing places to work, and many of us have chosen to sacrifice money for the challenge, meaning, flexibility, and autonomy that working in this sector provides. However, we also know the feeling of being stressed out and burned out. Seeking support and outsourcing certain tasks enables your organization to accomplish more of the valuable work it exists to do, while retaining and cultivating the vitality of your staff. Fostering an organizational culture of work-life balance is one of the most important things you can do for your team.

Where is SolVE based? We live in Montana and Maine. We work nationally on a remote basis.

How do we start? After you contact us, we'll set up an initial meeting to learn about your organization, the kind of support you need, and the issues you would like to address. If it looks like our expertise matches your needs, we will discuss the potential scope of the project or task, as well as pay rates and structure.

What does it cost to use SolVE’s services? We seek to be affordable for organizations of all sizes and budgets and will work with you to agree on a rate that matches the scope of your organization to pay. Initial consultations are free. Then, we will bill by the hour, or, if you prefer, can discuss fixed-rate projects or monthly subscriptions. You will be billed directly by SolVE on a monthly basis or at the end of a project, whichever comes first.